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Renn Vara,

Owner, SNP Communications, Inc.

I've had the privilege of seeing Anouk in action. From our first conversation to working through some difficult situations, she's been consistent and clear. She's not your typical HR person, whatever that is. She looks at things with fresh eyes, focused on impacting the business for the good of all. She is creative in her approach not letting her experience get in the way while informed by a diverse background that allows her to quickly get to solution without the normal angst. In short, its a pleasure to work with Anouk. I would highly recommend her for any business looking to improve or transform their approach to people management. Anouk gets it.

Jeff Harrod,

Co-founder/ MD - TechFellow Ltd

I have had the pleasure of knowing Anouk in a professional capacity for many years now, and can say without hesitation that she is, hands down, the best People person I know.
She is driven, innovative, creative and highly inspirational. She has a passion and a vision for making businesses great places to work and delivers, constantly. She, herself, is a high performer, and knows how to build highly successful  teams and businesses, couldn't recommend her enough.

Nella McNabb,

Leadership Communications Coach & Business Development Director, SNP

When I think of Anouk, the words thoughtful and insightful come to mind. As a coach and trainer I’ve been working with Anouk for the past year and a half.  She is a true pleasure to work with because she has a great understanding of the business she is working in, is sensitive to and handles people situations extremely well and is generally very perceptive.  She is used to working in fast-paced, ever changing environments and can juggle many simultaneous initiatives.  She's also innovative by nature and always seeks to improve business efficiency and optimisation from an HR perspective.  Anouk takes her profession seriously and is very up to date with current HR trends and methodologies. 

Tara Lloyd,

People Director

I have known and worked with Anouk for about 15 years – the one thing you can say about her is that she has always been passionate about people!  She has an energy and vision to overcome challenges, whilst building rapport and developing relationships with ease.

She is intelligent and knowledgeable in the whole ‘people development space’, works at pace and is great fun – a brilliant combination to inspire creativity and get things done!

She will be able to integrate into any company or team with ease – and will always deliver on her promises.  You will not go wrong if you ‘unleash’ Anouk on your business!

Anil Stocker,

Co-Founder & CEO, MarketInvoice

Anouk had a big impact on our People Team and across the business in the time that she worked with us. She worked closely with myself on helping to define new company values, working hard to get bottom-up feedback as well as distilling ideas from the founders and senior leadership. She helped drive better management training and a career progression framework for all team members. We now have a much better process for new joiners and leavers, and more valuable data from our exit surveys which can help us improve employee experience. Overall Anouk has contributed to higher engagement levels across the team and gave us a good foundation to continue working on. On a personal level, she’s a true People professional and her nature makes her very approachable. I would recommend Anouk to early stage businesses.

Karen Barrett,

CEO, unbiased.co.uk

Working with Anouk is a breath of fresh air - her output is always spot on and she has a common sense approach to what aren't always black and white decisions. I also feel the whole Unbiased team gets along well with her and she both understands and mirrors our culture.