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Our Learning Approach

Supporting a Personal Journey

As a leader, your journey is largely shaped by experience. This program is tailored to nurture your growth as a leader, prioritising self-reflection and critical thinking to determine what strategies best serve you, your team, and your business.

Practical + Implementable

No textbooks or memorisation here. Our method blends real-life experience, neuroscience, and sports psychology. Through discussions on essential leadership principles, we'll equip you with the confidence and competence needed to cultivate high performance.

Tailored To Your Challenges

Our sessions delve into your current challenges and past experiences, offering new perspectives. With a highly practical and tailored approach, we adjust our style and content to maximise impact during our time together.

Trusted by the best!

The Leadership Unleashed Workshops

Self-Awareness as a Catalyst for Impact

What kind of leader do you want to be? Explore your strengths + values and set development intentions.
Masteries you'll gain:
The awareness gap + self management cycle
Leadership styles
Social contracting
Setting intentions

Inspiring and Influential Leadership

Set clear expectations that both influence + align your team at every level.
Masteries you'll gain:
Clear communication
Strategic thinking
Influencing + motivating
Neuroscience of influencing

Building Innovation Through Psychological Safety + Positive Conflict

Uncover the key ingredients to building high-performing teams based on psychological safety principles.
Masteries you'll gain:
Managing conflict
Enabling innovation
Inclusive leadership
Fostering psychological safety

The Key to Successful Delegation

Leverage your team’s strengths + abilities to be highly effective + motivated through the power of delegation.
Masteries you'll gain:
Building trust
Decision making + Strategic thinking
Motivating + developing others

How to Design a Feedback Culture

Create feedback loops that encourage change in behaviour + level up performance.
Masteries you'll gain:
Frame + deliver brain friendly feedback
The neuroscience of feedback
Drive behavioural change

The Power of Coaching-Led Leadership

Equip leaders on how to integrate coaching into their leadership toolkit.
Masteries you'll gain:
Facilitating a coaching conversation
Developing others
Active listening
Powerful questioning

Solidifying Behaviours + Embedding Practices

Identify areas you need to continue developing, commit to your ongoing professional development and create accountability amongst your peers.
Masteries you'll gain:
Setting future intentions
Constantly learning
Evolving leadership

Interactive, experiential and led by our experts in developing leaders and driving high performance.

Leadership Unleashed has been designed to help leaders discover transformational change and to develop the skills and tools needed to lead high performing teams in fast-growth environments.

A personalised toolkit for each participant to build through the programme
A juicy playlist packed full of valuable resources to watch, listen and read throughout the programme and beyond
Small groups to encourage peer accountability and action pledges to apply learning back into the business

Client Feedback

Unleashed delivered and more. There was a shared vision to create a unique learning experience and the reputation this leadership development programme has across the global organisation proves their success in delivering that. The facilitators got impressive feedback throughout and we continue to see the impact the program has on engagement, development and performance. We can't wait for round 3!
- Learning and Development Specialist at a global FinTech scaleup
The Leadership Unleashed programme supported the cross-collaboration and cross-communication of managers across all functions, at all levels to bring them together on the journey and build stronger relationships
- Learning + Development lead at pre-IPO Saas scaleup
The programme got impressive feedback throughout and we continue to see the impact that it has on engagement, development and performance
- Head of People of Series B TransportTech scaleup
This is no doubt the best leadership course I have ever attended… it feels tailored to me and my own personal working style. The facilitator created an open and supportive environment within the group.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
- Sr Manager of Series B Tech scale-up
Unleashed’s programme was progressive, fun, engaging, interactive and tailored to take into consideration our challenges, ways of working, existing people frameworks and management capabilities
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
- Head of People of Series B B2B Tech scaleup
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
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Pricing Plan

We also build, design and facilitate bespoke programmes. So if Leadership Unleashed isn't quite right, say hello to explore how we can partner together.