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Registered office: 5 Westbourne Court, Folkestone, CT20 3FD

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Gearing-up early stage businesses for speedy, scalable and sustainable success through People + Culture








We focus on growth...

... and help you to create a culture that drives up the bar on performance

Unleashed partners with early stage start-ups and scale-ups to craft and deliver on great People Strategy, Operations, Infrastructure and Culture. By investing in simple, scalable processes and structures, we help our partners to recruit, develop, retain and engage the best talent to build thriving businesses and great places to work. 

We support high-growth, high-potential businesses with three main challenges :

1) How to attract and hire the best talent when you don't have a brand

2) How to build a team that is super productive, highly engaged and performing

3) Taking you and your management team from do-ers + executors to managers + leaders (totally different skillset!)

At Unleashed, we not only consult but we execute and deliver on ALL the aspects of the People Experience (PX) to help you to shape a high-performance culture.

People Experience (PX)


-Attraction + Recruitment-

-Onboarding + Probation-

-Performance Management-

-Learning + Development-

-Reward (Pay, Benefits + Recognition)-


-Succession planning-


-Vision, Mission, Strategy + Goals

- Values + Behaviours-

- Op Guide + Culture Deck-


-Cultural norms-

-Founder Scalability/ Coaching-

-Management + Leadership Development-


-Strategic Narrative + Story Telling-

-Engaging + Confident Managers-

-People Voice-

-Integrity + Trust-

-The Environment-

Meet The Team

Anouk Agussol
Ginni Lisk

The origins of Unleashed

Over our (many) years working in  People + Talent, we've seen businesses really suffer from not laying great People + Culture foundations before they scale... We’ve also seen the magic that can happen when businesses get it right.  ​


When it comes to building your business, you need to focus on your product, making clients happy and growth. Everything internally should just work right? As it turns out, this only happens with effort. It's not instant and for those businesses who get it right, it doesn't happen without focus, determination and hard work. 

At Unleashed, we aim to make this easy for you. We’re People people who are experts at scaling. 


Although we are experts at what we do, we are not your traditional HR people - and actually we don’t believe in “HR” per se. Unfortunately, the term has come to define a transactional, reactive, process and policy driven, paper-pushing cost centre; one that doesn’t add value and support your growth. 


That is not Unleashed. We pride ourselves in adding value from day one. We know what great looks like, the impact that it will have on your business and we work with you to make it come to life, quickly.


We believe in design thinking and working in an agile way (no, agile is not just for tech teams!); we believe in working lean (thank you Eric Reis); we deliver MLPs (Minimum Loveable Products) and we iterate until we get to something which blows ‘best practice’ out of the water.

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We currently work with businesses in London + Amsterdam ...  if you are located elsewhere, pop us a note and we will see what we can do!

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