Oct 23, 2023

Playbook: A Guide to Remote Onboarding

Adapting to remote-first and hybrid environments is crucial, and in the midst of yet more businesses issuing unilateral, exclusionary return to office mandates, and indulging all the problems that come with a culture of presenteeism πŸ™„ we want to help those trying to get this right. (#Flexibility FTW)

This playbook is for you, if

⭐ You want to effectively onboard new talent, regardless of their location

⭐ You're committed to unlocking happiness + high-performance from day one

⭐ You're motivated to define onboarding that adds strategic value (clue: it needs to be both functional AND experiential)

⭐ You'd benefit from a ready-to-roll onboarding timeline that starts pre-first-day and runs all the way to months 2 + 3

⭐ You'd like your onboarding to be human-centric, anxiety-reducing, and borne from a philosophy of enablement + empathy ("probation period"? ...yuk)

πŸ‘‰ Download + access the playbook here



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