Oct 23, 2023

Playbook: A practical guide to remote hiring

πŸ’š Remote doesn't have to mean distant πŸ’š


Brilliant talent acquisition (inclusive of creating excellent candidate experience) must be optimised for a remote-first context.

This playbook is designed to be practical + implementable. It harnesses the wisdom of industry experts, seasoned remote leaders, and innovative People-people (not least, the wonderful Unleashed Team!)


πŸ” What's Inside:


🌟 Navigating the Remote Landscape: embracing the paradigm across all the key stages of an effective recruitment process

🌟 Crafting the Right Strategy: how attraction, recruitment + selection differ, and how to compel top talent at every stage

🌟 Virtual Interviews that Shine: mastering the art of remote assessments + nailing the communication needed for awesome candidate experience


πŸ‘‰ Access + download the remote hiring playbook here



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