Oct 23, 2023

Policy: Gender Neutral Parenternity Leave + Pay

In October 2023, our COO, Tom Jewell embarked on three months of parental leave with full pay.


...Three months.

Why this matters:

👉 Unleashed's parental leave is gender-neutral, promoting equality + normalising inclusivity

👉 Our 'Parenternity' policy gives families flexibility to choose what's best for them

👉 It's a modern policy reflecting the times we live in

👉 Our focus is on the best interests of the child (this policy draws inspiration from the UN and UNICEF)

By open-sourcing this policy template, we hope to help + aim to nudge things in the right direction. We urge companies to ask themselves, what more could you be doing to normalise inclusivity, and be family-first?

Why? Well, in Tom's own words, because "a thriving business requires thriving people."

Download + check out the template here

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