A full, data-driven Discovery + created a People Roadmap for success

⇨ Industry: InsurTech
⇨ Location: London
⇨ Stage at kick off: Series A
⇨ Starting headcount: 25 People

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By Miles are on a mission to make driving fairer, through disrupting an industry that hasn’t changed in over 50 years.

They launched the UK’s first real-time pay-by-mile car insurance policies in 2018 along with a smart driving app, driven by their belief that owning a car should set you free, not tie you down.

The Challenge 

At the start of 2020, By Miles were 25 people, had just completed their Series B funding round, and had plans to grow to 60 over the next 12 months, while doubling revenue and maintaining the fast sales growth they had seen so far. 

The founders are big believers in the power of their people and were eager to nurture an engaged, motivated and healthy team, ensuring that the By Miles culture was codified and cultivated. In addition they recognised that they needed to put People practices, processes and documentation in place from the ground up.

The Solution

Unleashed took By Miles through a full, data-driven Discovery process, creating a People Roadmap off the back of this to align on what needed to be built to allow the business to scale successfully.

Over a year-long partnership, some of the biggest impact pieces of work we delivered were to co-create the By Miles Virtues of Fairness, Respect, Ambition, Growth and Efficiency, which now form the lens of every people process and policy, as well as how they choose suppliers to work with and the way they interact with their members. We set up a robust and smooth hiring process to build a winning team of cultural champions, and coached and trained the leadership team to level up their skills in line with the company getting ready to scale.

We learnt that the impact this had was a 10% uplift in overall employee engagement, going from 79% to 89% at the end of our 12 month partnership. We also saw increases in positive engagement scores across management, leadership and company culture - all the areas where we had focused our roadmap. Employee retention remained above 95% and the company successfully reached sales and revenue targets for the year and are currently a vibrant team of 60. 

“I'm really happy with the impact that Unleashed have had across our business - they delivered on what they promised”

James Blackham
CEO & Founder

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