Modern Milkman

Distilled, codified, and stress-tested TMM’s first ever Company Values.

⇨ Industry: Ecommerce
⇨ Location: Manchester
⇨ Stage at kick off: Series A
⇨ Starting headcount: 70 people

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The Modern Milkman (TMM) is a startup, turned scaleup in the north of the UK, on a mission to revolutionise consumer habits by delivering fresh ways to return and reuse packaging, shop ethically and locally and feel good about convenience.

Having closed their Series A funding round at the end of 2020, after a year of huge growth boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a need to turbo-charge all things People + Culture internally! 

The Challenge

Previous to our work with TMM, there had been no People + Culture function, meaning that there was an urgent need to build many of those foundations from scratch! 2020 had seen a huge amount of growth for the business, however there was little structure to how those individuals had been hired, onboarded and support since. With that growth only speeding up into 2021, supported by the close of their Series A in Q4 2020, it became vital for the business to prioritise People, Culture + Leadership, to ensure that they would be able to continue scaling both successfully and sustainably, whilst supporting each individual to be as engaged, high performing and happy as possible. 

The Solution

Working 4 days a month, we were able to first focus on distilling, codifying, stress-testing and subsequently launching TMM’s first ever Company Values, followed by kicking off their first ever All Hands meeting. Next up, building and launching The Modern Milkman’s interview process to ensure that, moving forward, they were able to attract and hire the best talent possible, followed by prioritising designing + embedding a brand new Onboarding process, to set those hires up for success. Naturally, training the leadership team to use both of those brand new processes was also an important step in this process, alongside starting to build out their internal People team - a Talent Acquisition Manager to own the new recruitment process, and a People Operations Manager, for us to partner with on the rest of the roadmap!

“Working with Unleashed has been truly wonderful. Stepping into a role like this and knowing that you have an innovative, culturally switched on, progressive & nurturing support system alongside you, was hugely comforting. I feel very lucky to have a mentor and teammate in our Partner, Michaela. Her guidance and humor have ensured that despite the demands of a very busy growth business, foundational + scalable processes are in place. This truly is a partnership and one that I will be very sad to ever see end." 

Lucy Mooney, Head of People

“Working with Unleashed has been bloody marvellous! They understand the pain points we are going through whilst scaling quickly and have helped add structure to ensure that while the team grows, we are doing the right things! They’re great at remaining agile, responding to moving targets and giving us additional Ad-hoc support when needed.

I would highly recommend any start up making use of these guys!”

Simon Mellin, CEO + Founder

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