Urban Jungle

Built a prioritised roadmap tailored to the needs of the business.

⇨ Industry: InsurTech
⇨ Location: London
⇨ Stage at kick off: Seed
⇨ Starting headcount: 14 People

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Urban Jungle is an insurance technology business based in the UK.

Urban Jungle leverages technology to help young customers get access to cheaper, better, home insurance.

The Challenge 

Growth was the no.1 priority for Urban Jungle, and with the lack of a People team to support with Talent Acquisition, they struggled to source and attract top talent.

Ultimately, they wanted to double their headcount by the end of 2020, and in doing so, increase volume of candidates, without compromising on quality.

The Solution 

Working 4 days a month with Urban Jungle, we delivered a full Discovery, resulting in a prioritised roadmap tailored to the needs of the business, to ensure successful scaling. With growth being the no.1 priority, the immediate focus was create a scalable hiring process and build out an internal talent acquisition function to support with their hiring needs. This then enabled them to move to a direct hiring model, building out their employer brand, alongside implementing an ATS.

“Realising we had a challenge on our hands to rapidly grow the team, our Unleashed partner Victoria quickly understood what was important to us and helped us to step back, codify it, and make our practices more robust and scalable - without compromising on any of our principles. She also helped us find the right person to join us on a permanent basis, and we then tripled the team with some exceptional talent in a matter of weeks.”

Helen Hodges,
Director of Strategy + Operations @ Urban Jungle

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