Developed foundations to enable long-term people + culture development

⇨ industry: tech-bio, healthcare
⇨ location: uk, europe + usa
⇨ stage at kick off: seed
⇨ starting headcount: 20 people
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Chronomics are an ambitious seed stage Tech-Bio company, who are blazing a trail to make biology accessible and actionable to everyone.

Their 80+ strong team is made up of diverse individuals, ranging from scientists, engineers, and commercial experts, recently expanding in the US and Europe.

The Challenge 

Having pivoted to develop a successful Covid-19 test in 2020, Chronomics quickly grew from a small team of mostly co-founders, to a team of multiple functions. Chronomics required initial support in developing their culture and People processes from the ground up. Six months into the partnership, a new opportunity catapulted Chronomics onto a huge growth trajectory, leading to more support from Unleashed and super-charging the cultural foundations that had already been implemented.

The Solution

Unleashed initially partnered with Chronomics on some design-thinking fundamentals: to embed clear internal communication processes, establish alignment within the leadership team, implement a HRIS and hire a People Manager. These foundations then enabled longer-term People + Culture development, including a redesign of company values, establishing a pay philosophy + pay review, launch of employee benefits, creation of an exciting onboarding experience, and developing a performance enablement process.

The Result

Chronomics’ engagement scores increased to 81% (a 14% uplift). By the end of 2021, they had more than tripled in size and expanded into new markets. Feedback from an employee: “Chronomics is the first/only place I've worked at which I can genuinely and confidently feel and say is a company that is progressing, thinking of the future, looking after their staff and expanding. Both in terms of a company as a business and the team structure within.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you and you have brought so much to everyone here. So thank you!”

Tom Stubbs, CEO + Founder

“You have played an immense role in crystalising and scaling Chronomics’ culture (while a pandemic was going on and everyone was being hired remote). Chronomics is what it is today thanks to you!”

Dani Herranz, CSO + Co-Founder

“It’s been a joy working with you, you have been there to support me the whole way, which I’ll never forget.”

Lucy Evitt, People Lead


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