Becoming a global organisation through the lens of Inclusion & Diversity.

⇨ Industry: Marketplace
⇨ Location: Lithuania
⇨ Stage at kick off: Series F
⇨ Starting headcount: 1000 People

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Vinted are on a mission to make second hand first choice, worldwide. With headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, and a growing globally dispersed team of 1,000+, Vinted were entering a significant period of hypergrowth.

The Challenge‍
Ahead of this growth, Vinted needed to understand how they fared when it came to Inclusion & Diversity, and build a strategy to support their organisational goals and people roadmap. Vinted’s intention was to continue to create an environment in which all people feel valued, included and supported to do their best work that matters to themselves and their community. In addition, embracing the identity of a truly global organisation was critical.

The Solution
To help Vinted to achieve this, we conducted a systematic, frank and transparent exploration of how equitable Vinted were in their current state over a 4 month period. Through the Unleashed Inclusion & Diversity Discovery process (which involved an in-depth assessment of multiple data points through surveys, focus groups, interviews and a culture and process audit), we co-created a 4-point approach to achieve long term inclusion for Vinted, and a critical roadmap that supported the existing organisational and people strategies. We also had a lot of fun doing it, too!

“ [The facilitator] radiates inclusiveness, is a sensitive facilitator and therefore inspires everyone around her to think about D&I topics.”

“The discovery results were presented in a very good way, it had enough depth but didn't feel overwhelming, even though there was a lot of content. [The team] came across as highly competent, and my team were very impressed and happy working with Unleashed.”

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